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What Sets Fire Ants Apart From Normal Ants

What Sets Fire Ants Apart From Normal Ants

Fire ants are anything but normal. They are one of the most aggressive ant species out there and they have a sting that can hurt for hours. Not only that, but they swarm whenever their nests are threatened, and enough of their venom can land a person in the hospital. Let’s take a more detailed look at this species and what sets it apart from other ants.


There are several fire ant species in the US, that can range in color from black to red. Red imported fire ants, an invasive species brought in from South America, are red, and they are the most aggressive fire ant species currently targeting US homes. This species will be easy to tell apart from normal ants, but fire ants that are black will be able to go about their business undetected, until they deliver a painful sting. However, most fire ant species do not cause as much trouble as the red imported fire ant, so if you see red ants around, then you know you have a problem on your hands.


In terms of behavior, fire ants are set apart by their sting, their aggression, and their willingness to defend their nests. Most ant species do not have the ability to sting or bite, so they have little recourse if their nests are threatened. Fire ants on the other hand will swarm out and climb on the legs of the trespasser, with each ant delivering multiple stings. These situations can be quite dangerous, because a large enough quantity of fire ant venom could lead to some severe reactions.


Fire ants have pretty regular nests. They will usually build them outside, but sometimes, they will set up in the wall voids of the home. They will also create noticeable mounds whenever they build their nests outdoors.


Most ant species are controlled with either baits or direct insecticide applications. The same methods work on fire ants, but there is the extra method that uses broadcast insecticide treatments, and is meant to prevent fire ants from entering certain areas of the property. It’s also important to work with a pro whenever you are dealing with a fire ant infestation.

If you have any questions about fire ants and how they are controlled, or if there is currently a fire ant infestation near your home, contact us today.