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Broadlands Virginia Pest Control

From its conception in the 1990s, Broadlands is continually ranked as one of the best suburbs to live in Virginia. Thanks to the many parks, playgrounds, nature walks, and picnic areas, the National Wildlife Foundation named it a Certified Wildlife Habitat Community. If you visit, you’ll also find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful neighborhoods to explore.

Many say Broadlands has some of the best school districts and neighborhoods in Virginia, making it a great place to raise a family or open a business. Better Termite Pest Control, a Broadlands pest control company, is proud to serve the city’s families and businesses, building excellent business-client relationships with top-tier technology and pest control practices.

Better Termite and Pest Control has built a solid reputation in Broadlands for the following reasons:

  • We continually train our pest control experts on the latest pest control best practices.
  • We are a family-owned and operated business with no third-party contractors.
  • We offer plenty of abatement programs to ensure you get the best pest control possible for your home and family.
  • All our pest control programs use environmentally-friendly materials to lessen our carbon footprint.
  • We bring a personable touch to all our jobs.

Broadlands Rodent Control

Broadlands may have an excellent reputation as a clean, beautiful town with appealing homes, but mice and rodents are still abundant. Most homes have plenty of small, warm spaces for mice to make their homes, so you should take measures to keep mice out of your home.

Remember that mice can fit into any hole they can get their head in and multiply quickly. So even if one mouse gets into your home, it can still breed up to 20 mice. Not to mention that mice can spread disease if you come in direct contact with them, whether by touching their pellets or getting bitten.

The good news is that mice are easy to spot in your home. You might need to call Broadlands rat control if you notice the following signs:

  • Squeaking and scratching in your walls.
  • Pathways along your walls full of pellets, oily residue from the mouse’s fur, or claw marks.
  • Gnaw marks on your foodstuff or furniture.
  • Unexplained smells or marks.
  • Your pets act strange around certain areas of your home.
  • You catch a mouse running across your floor.

You can also make a few DIY traps or repellants to keep mice out of your home until Broadlands pest control arrives.

  • Set up cages to catch mice so you can set them free later, at least a mile from your home.
  • Mix peppermint oil, cloves, and pepper in a bag or bottle to repel mice.
  • Fill tiny soda bottle caps with ammonia to mimic the smell of mice predators.
  • Use a foundation repair kit to close any holes in your foundation where mice can most easily get into your home.

Remember, if you see a mouse, don’t try to catch it with your bare hands. Instead, let Broadlands pest control know about your mouse problem so they can mouse-proof your home.

Broadlands Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes might not be as dangerous or gross as mice or rodents. However, they can still be pesky during summertime, and our Broadlands mosquito control has all the tools to make your outdoor time more enjoyable and safe.

Virginians deal with the Asian tiger mosquito more than any other mosquito, which comes out to bite both day and night. They are living longer, hibernating later in the year, and their population has grown over the last several years thanks to climate change.

Plus, mosquitos carry a few different diseases, like the West Nile and Zika viruses, killing a few people yearly. Most people recover from these diseases, but it’s still essential to prevent them with repellants and eliminate their breeding grounds.

Aldie attracts many people due to its beautiful, relaxed natural setting as well as its location near Washington and many of its major suburbs. However, that same beauty also attracts plenty of pests such as mosquitoes, ticks and termites. Fortunately, Better Termite & Pest Control can help rid your house and property of these and other pests so that you can once again be safe and comfortable at home.

Before you pick up the phone to call Broadlands yellow jacket control, you can try the following methods to repel mosquitoes at home:

  • Turn over and clean any sources of standing water, like buckets, wading pools, and bird baths.
  • Trim your grass and bushes, and try not to walk through densely wooded areas without protection.
  • Spray larvicide that contains 50% DEET around where you cannot clean standing water.
  • Burn candles that contain lemongrass or lavender oil.
  • Blow a box fan near you to blow mosquitoes away.
  • Make a DIY mosquito trap with yeast and sugar water in a bucket or mason jar.

In most cases, mosquitoes hang around standing water because they breed in it. If you clean out standing water sources regularly, you should be able to nip your mosquito problem in the bud. If mosquitoes are still biting, Broadlands mosquito control can take care of it with no problem.

Whether you have issues with mice, rats, mosquitoes, or various other pests, Better Termite and Pest Control looks forward to your phone call or email.

Protect Your Home from Termites with Termite Control in Broalands, VA

The presence of termites in your home can cause a lot of costly damage. In the United States, termite infestations cost homeowners over five billion dollars annually. But with the right termite control measures, you can protect your home from these destructive pests.  Let’s take a look at why it is so important to have your property treated for termites and what to look for when choosing a local pest control company.

Identifying Signs of Termites

The best way to prevent costly damage caused by termites is to identify and treat an infestation early. Unfortunately, identifying an infestation can be difficult because these pests are often hidden inside walls or other hard-to-reach areas. Look out for signs such as mud tubes on the foundation of your home or discarded wings near windowsills, both of which indicate that there could be an active infestation inside your home. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to act quickly and contact a local pest control professional immediately.

Professional Termite Treatment

Once you have identified an active infestation, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional pest control company like Better Termite in Brambleton, VA. They will be able to provide effective treatments that eliminate current colonies while preventing new ones from forming in the future. Professional pest control companies use specialized equipment and treatments that are designed specifically for treating termite infestations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from these destructive pests.

Preventative Measures

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your home from termite damage. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take around the house that make it less inviting for them such as fixing any water leaks and keeping woodpiles away from the foundation of your home. Additionally, consider having periodic inspections done by a professional pest control company like Better Termite in Brambleton, VA; they will be able to identify any potential problems before they become serious issues and provide additional recommendations on how you can protect your home against future infestations.


Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if left untreated; however with proper care and treatment you can protect your home from them before they become a major problem. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs indicating an active infestation and contact a professional pest control company like Better Termite in Brambleton, VA if needed; they will be able to effectively eliminate current colonies while preventing new ones from forming in the future!