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Have you noticed pest activity in your home? Some people just live with pest problems, and other homeowners try do-it-yourself pest control solutions to save money. However, the only effective way of getting rid of those insects and rodents is by contacting a professional pest control company.

Pest Problems in Centreville

Rodents are known to carry disease. These pests can be infested with fleas that are also able to transmit disease. Infestations of rodents tend to live in the walls of a home, and the movement of these pests throughout a building can spread disease to air ducts and circulate dangerous germs into the air.
Mosquitoes are another pest that carry disease. These insects tend to be most prominent in the summer, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors may be bitten by mosquitoes. Red, itchy bumps are the annoying result of being bitten by a mosquito. However, the real problem comes from the life-threatening diseases that these pests can transmit to people.
Ants come in many varieties that have the potential to be dangerous. Carpenter ants damage wood in the same way as termites. Fire ants are known to sting, and encountering a large number of fire ants can result in painful, red welts. Other types of ants contaminate food and cause a nuisance.

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Are you dealing with the dangers of sharing your home with pests? We can help! Better Termite has been helping people in Centreville and the surrounding areas get rid of rodents, mosquitoes, ants and more for over 40 years. Contact us today to get a free quote.