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Cockroaches are considered to be some of the most primitive winged insects. There are over 5,000 species worldwide and Northern Virginia is home to several of them. It is interesting to note that a cockroach can live up to a week without its head. If a headless cockroach does die it is because the lack of a mouth makes it impossible to drink water.

Where do Roaches Hide?

Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments and they easily adapt to their environment. The cockroach prefers food sources such as sweets, starches and meat products, but they will eat almost anything organic in nature including cheese, dried skin flakes, glue and even beer. To avoid an infestation keep food in tightly sealed containers and do not allow dirty dishes to pile up in the sink overnight. It is also important to take out garbage on a regular basis and be certain your outside container is secure. If you do notice a cockroach, the best method of eliminating them from your home is calling a professional. Better Termite offers a variety of methods to help get rid of cockroaches. Servicing the Northern Virginia area since 1968!