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Going Green is Easy

Going Green is nothing new to us here at Better Termite and Pest Control. Because we are family owned and work with products daily, we want to be sure that our communities we work and live in are kept clean and free of unnecessary hazards. You can rest assured that we would never use a product unless we felt comfortable treating our own homes with it.
If you should have a particular concern and would like to use only eco friendly materials, let us know. We can customize your treatment program. We have several Green products that are already incorporated into our routine service programs.

For more information call or email your request by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Please list your specific Pest Need in the comments page.

Altriset is an innovative long-lasting termiticide that halts termite feeding within hours and is gentle on the environment.
Advance is both effective and family friendly. The bait is contained in a closed cartridge securely placed inside a locked station in the ground. Termites feed on the bait and pass it through the colony, eliminating them overtime.