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Northern Virginia Stink Bug Control

Our area has been troubled for several years by the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug. These pests are fairly new to the east coast and were first found in Allentown, PA in 1998. Though considered household pests, they don’t bite or eat our food. Stink bugs enter homes in the Fall to find a place to overwinter and find shelter from the cold. In the winter, when inside air temperatures increase or on a warm day, these bugs may emerge inside your home.
They are about a half to one inch long with a mottled brown color and are named for the unpleasant odor they emit when aggravated or crushed. Some describe the smell as similar to a skunk’s odor and find it difficult to wash off hands.
Stink bugs overwinter inside. Once inside a building, they go into a state of hibernation where they wait for winter to pass. In late spring, they lay clusters of eggs in groups of about 25 on plant leaves. Adults are good fliers and in late summer, are often seen around outdoor lights. They enter through small openings around windows and doors during the early morning. There are no known natural enemies for these bugs in the US. They cause severe damage to plants, fruit trees and grain plants. The best control method is sealing openings on the exterior of houses like entry points around windows and doors and the lower areas of siding and eaves.
Openings around air conditioner pipes, electrical outlets, window frames, ceiling fans, skylights, weep holes and ceiling light fixtures are also potential entry points. Ask about our All-in-One treatments that will help solve this problem plus prevent other pest problems. If stink bugs enter your home, it is not advisable to remove them with a vacuum. After a few travel down the vacuum hose, their smell can be quite noticeable and the hose most likely will need to be replaced.
Call us today if you suspect your home has been invaded by stink bugs and ask about our All-In-One-Program.