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Reston, VA has a humid, subtropical climate, with hot, steamy summers and cool, mild winters. This makes it an especially hospitable environment for one of our most bothersome pests: the mosquito. Some species of these pesky bloodsuckers have painless bites that you won’t notice until you have an itchy welt hours later. Others have painful bites that you feel immediately as you swat them away. No matter which kind of mosquito you have, your primary goal is likely getting rid of them. We can help you locate and eliminate mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes at Home and Work

When your home or business is infested with mosquitoes, they are more than just a nuisance; they can also be a health hazard. Mosquitoes are known for their ability to crash virtually any picnic or summer get-together, but they can also carry deadly diseases to both animals and people, including heartworm, West Nile Virus, malaria, and Zika. One bite from an infected mosquito is all it takes to transmit some of the most deadly diseases, which is why we take mosquito control so seriously with our three-pronged approach.

Stopping Mosquitoes Before They Start

When it comes to mosquitoes, being proactive can be one of your best weapons. Better Termite & Pest Control starts with a comprehensive site survey to locate all your problem areas. Mosquito breeding sites can include any areas that could hold water, including rain gutters, tire swings, buckets, garbage cans and bird baths. Removing any standing or still water and thoroughly cleaning any water-filled areas regularly can prevent mosquitoes from breeding and prevent problems before they start.

Destroying Existing Populations

Source management is highly effective for long-term mosquito management, but you might need a more aggressive approach to address a current infestation. Mosquito larvae are hardy creatures that can survive droughts. To eliminate them, we may need to apply a larvicide to known breeding sites to prevent the larvae from developing further. We will apply this only as necessary.
To tackle adult mosquitoes, a mist blower is used to apply an adulticide to foliage around the property. We pay special attention to any particular hot spots we identified during the initial site survey.

An Integrated Approach, a Long-term Solution

We begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify the species of mosquitoes that are causing your problem and their primary breeding sites. Next, we determine the best way to address the problem. Source reduction, which focuses on eliminating breeding sites, is our primary focus, but chemical products can also play a role in destroying the infestation. By taking a multi-pronged approach, we address each factor that plays a role in your mosquito problem.

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