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Silverfish Control

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Their shiny, wingless bodies wiggle across the floor dragging their antennae behind them. Silverfish don’t look like ordinary bugs, but these insects are a destructive nuisance in homes throughout northern Virginia. Once they settle in, these pests quickly turn your house into their dining hall.

Hidden Pests

Whether you call them silverfish, bristletails or firebrats, they move into your home by catching rides in paper sacks, cardboard boxes and even furniture. Their unusual shape allows them to nest in tiny crevices, and they often sneak into the house attached to items you’ve kept in storage. Silverfish are nocturnal, so you may not notice them before you see their damage.

Nighttime Foragers

These insects are particular about their diets, and their favorite buffet item is paper. Silverfish activity ruins photographs, framed art work, books and wallpaper. They also feast on cotton and linen fabrics and eat their way through insulation and drywall. You know you have a silverfish problem when you spot the holes and yellow stains that mark their late-night foraging.

Professional Solutions

It takes the latest extermination techniques to eliminate silverfish, and Better Termite & Pest Control can design a plan tailored to your home. Silverfish eggs hatch over a period of two weeks to two months, so we offer follow-up treatments that make sure your bug problem doesn’t return. Silverfish can live as long as eight years, but we stop their cycle permanently.

From family papers to the clothes in your closets, we protect your home from silverfish damage with more than 53 years of industry experience. Our estimates are always free, so give our friendly Better Termite & Pest Control staff a call today for more information about our complete line of services.