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Rodent Abatement

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Rodent Abatement is critical for all communities. Rat feces and urine cause a slew of gastrointestinal diseases such as Salmonellosis or E-coli infections. The most common rat for business and residential infestation is the Norway Rat. You will find these rats in burrows that are made along building structures and underground. 

The Norway Rat measures about 12-15 inches and their tail is 5-8 inches. They have a blunt nose, short ears and are typically on the heavier side.

Rodent Information

They live to about one year, but are known to live longer. The females produce anywhere from 4-7 litters a year.

Why is it important to have a rodent abatement plan in place?

Rats can destroy or contaminate food supplies and as stated earlier, the feces and urine of the Norway Rats can carry diseases. Better Termite is here to help set up a rodent abatement plan for your business or residence.
Rodent control consists of a careful survey of the areas to be baited to determine the rodent involved, the size of the population, location of harborages, rodent runways, source of food, evaluating the activity for the desired control.
To obtain the level of control needed, Better Termite will place tamper proof bait stations along the exterior walls every 50-75 feet. If applying for permit stations will be installed before applying for permit and be in place no less than 7 days prior to the project start date.