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Alexandria Termites

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The subterranean termite is the most widespread and destructive termite in North America. These troublesome insects infest as many as one in five homes in high risk areas. Since 1968, Better Termite and Pest Control has been successfully locating and eradicating termite colonies in Fredericksburg and Northern Va.

How Termites Enter Homes

If you notice tube-like structures along your foundation or on the sidewalk adjoining your home, you may have termites. Professionals can look at the formation of tubes to determine the stage of the infestation. When termite colonies grow too large, some termites leave the colony. The winged pests swarm shed their wings and start a new colony. The new colony is usually in your home. Some types of termites will enter through cracks along windows or doors. Since the pests are elusive, they usually start destroying wood from behind. By the time most people discover termites, there is already considerable damage.

How Termite Control Works

The best way to combat termites is to prevent them by using professional pest control services. Do not rely on chemical cocktails found in home improvement stores, and do not try to kill termites with DIY methods found online. Many people try to save money by treating an infestation alone but wind up sending the termites to harder-to-find places or injuring themselves with dangerous chemicals. Our professionals have successfully eliminated thousands of termite colonies since 1968 and have access to effective substances. They are also trained to remove termites using the proper protocols.
If there is an infestation, we start by removing it. This usually requires several visits to treat the infestation, address any remaining issues and verify that there are no continuing problems. After removing an infestation, we strongly recommend regular preventative treatments. If you are concerned about termites but do not have an infestation, we still recommend preventative treatments to keep the pests from damaging your property. Our professionals also help you identify problem areas on your property. For example, stacking wood next to your home or shed can attract termites. If it gets wet, the wood is a bigger source of attraction. Rotting trees or overgrown damp shrubbery can attract termites. We help you find every risk that can be reduced or eliminated.
Please contact Better Termite & Pest Control if you suspect a termite infestation. Some people wrongly assume that termites are just winged ants. Keep in mind that ants have distinct segments on their bodies, and termites have a more uniform shape. There are also differences in their wings, and termites have different coloring. We can help you learn the differences and inspect your home to see if you have a termite problem. Our services are prompt, reliable and affordable. Please call today for a free quote.