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Since 1968, Better Termite & Pest Control has served Clifton and the surrounding areas. In that time, we have eliminated thousands of pest infestations and kept homes and businesses secure. From carpenter ants and mosquitoes to termites and rodents, outdoor pests continue to threaten homes and businesses each day. With Better Termite & Pest Control, you can enjoy the indoors and outdoors without stubborn pests ruining your fun.

Effective Home Pest Control in Clifton

You may keep your home clean and spotless throughout the year, but a clean home doesn’t keep pests away. Whether it’s a single crumb on the floor or a sticky spot on the counter, carpenter ants stay on the lookout for any food source available in the area. These small pests also build colonies close to your home for easier access to pantry areas and food sources.
Even more pests threaten your home from the outside. Mosquitoes congregate in the backyard in search of someone to bite, and termites attack your home’s foundation, walls and furniture from above and below the ground. Rodents also threaten homes and families as they chew through walls and spread rodent-borne diseases. We have professional service plans to eradicate every threat and give you a pest-free home.

Clifton Pest Control Services for Businesses

Outdoor pests don’t just attack homes and families; they also invade businesses and drive away customers. Better Termite & Pest Control knows what it takes to keep pests away from your business, and our high-quality services ensure the pests stay away for good. Even if you do not have an infestation, our preventative maintenance services prevent future pest infestations from occurring. Whether you run a restaurant or a hotel, we place a barrier around the perimeter and keep ants, termites and rodents out of your business.

Clifton Termite Treatments

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s hard to detect termite damage until it’s too late. These small, invasive pests look similar to ants; however, termites have larger heads and can attack from the sky and the ground. They eat through wood, plaster and other materials and can compromise structural integrity in a matter of weeks. We offer effective termite control and fight the pests at the source. We also offer preconstruction termite control, which protects your home or business against termites from the start.

Affordable Pest Control in Clifton

Our professional team has worked for years perfecting termite and pest control, and we always implement the latest technologies to ensure pest elimination without harming your family. Try Better Termite & Pest Control for your pest situation, and see why we rank highly on Angie’s List. From mosquito control to rodent prevention, we keep you and your business in our best interests.

Don’t let another pest infestation ruin your home or business. Contact Better Termite & Pest Control for a free, no-obligation quote on all services. We not only eradicate termite and mosquito infestations but also offer preventative services for carpenter ants, rodents and other invasive pests.