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Mosquito Prevention

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Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne disease.
There are many measures you, as a homeowner, can perform to prevent mosquitoes and we, at Better Termite & Pest Control, are proud to share them with you.

Common Mosquito Breeding Areas

  • Pet Water Bowl
  • Bird Bath
  • Dirty Gutters
  • Potted Plants With Drainage Tray
  • Standing Water
  • Old Tires
  • Water Filled Tree Hole

Prevention Checklist

Use the following checklist to inspect your property and eliminate standing water.

Artificial Containers

  • Potted plants with pans underneath
  • Roof gutters that are plugged with leaves or unleveled and holding water
  • Pet dishes
  • Trash or “spare items” such as children’s toys
  • Watering troughs
  • Old tires
  • Rain or irrigation barrels
  • Unused or poorly maintained pools
  • Boats or trailers, dry docked or unused
  • Bird baths and other ornamental objects
  • Water gardens
  • Fountains
  • Open septic tanks
  • Bottles, jars, cans
  • Buckets, pails
  • Flower pots, urns
  • Garbage cans, lids
  • Grills
  • Garden equipment
  • Sandbox, wading pool
  • Underneath decks
  • Open crawl spaces
  • Storage sheds
  • Storm drains

Manmade Depressions

  • Drainage ditches with emergent vegetation
  • Standing water in low grassy areas, tire tracks
  • Flat roofs that get lots of leaf litter or have clogged drains
  • Manmade ponds with emergent vegetation
  • Septic ditches
  • Open latrines

Natural Breeding Sites

  • Bromeliads or other plants that hold water
  • Natural ponds with emergent vegetation
  • Tree holes

Emergent Vegetation in Standing Water

  • Check roots of emergent aquatic vegetation for larvae in areas of standing water.