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There are dozens of pests that find their way into your home, but three are on the top of the least wanted list. The members of this troublesome trio are the most common house invaders in northern Virginia, and they all quickly become more than a nuisance. Some of the most common pests in Arlington are termites, ants, rodents.

Termites – Dining on the House

Termites are subterranean insects that invade your home from the ground up. They swarm in the spring, and once they’ve settled in, these invaders are hard to detect before they’ve done serious damage. Keep an eye out for their shelter tubes that run up walls and into the house’s structure. These dirt tunnels are a sure sign that termites are feasting on your home.

Ants – Contaminating the Kitchen

Ants scurrying across the counter send you running for the bug spray, but the few that you kill are members of a colony that numbers in the tens of thousands. These small bugs contaminate food in the pantry and leave bacterial trails everywhere they roam. Whether they infest your walls or ruin the backyard with their mounds, tiny ants cause big problems.

Rodents – Nesting in the Insulation

Mice and rats leave unsanitary droppings as their calling cards, and their musty odor is unmistakable. These rodents slip inside through foundation cracks, and they sneak in around hookups for plumbing, and electrical connections. The vermin quickly set up nests made of soft wood and insulation as they gnaw their way through your walls, wiring and groceries.

If you suspect that you’re sharing the house with any of these unwanted guests, give us a call here at Better Termite & Pest Control. We bring more than 46 years of experience to every job, and our quotes are always free, so contact us today.