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Don’t let ants spoil your picnic!
Ant control is important but prevention is even more important. When it comes to choosing the best pest control company to get rid of ants in your home or business, you should look for someone who not only gets rid of existing ants, but prevents them in the future.

What Homeowner’s Need to Know About Ants

Ants are troublesome in homes because they feed on and contaminate human foods, infest structures and build unsightly mounds in lawns. In some cases, ants are able to inflict painful bites or stings. Ants do not attack or eat fabrics, leather or wood in houses; however, some species can establish nests in decaying wood in structures. Our pest control services employ a three-step technique to be sure you’re ant free for good. We serve everywhere in Leesburg, including Loudoun County.

Why Are There Ants in Your Home?

Ants are looking for food and water. If you leave crumbs around, ants will probably find their way into your kitchen. Ants are a one of kind creature, they are insanely strong for their size and have a keen sense of smell. What most people don’t know is that even if a soda spill is cleaned up, ants can still sense the sugar residue leftover on the floor, even if you can’t see it.
Ever clean up a mess but still notice ants following the same path? This is why. Ants are extremely difficult to get rid of that’s why it’s important to know a local ant exterminator who can help when things get out of hand.

Ant Extermination Process

Our ant control experts follow a proven process to exterminate and prevent ant infestations. Here’s what you can expect from our ant extermination process.

Step 1: Inspection

When you call us about an ant problem, we’ll send one of our licensed technicians to your home or business to perform a thorough inspection. We identify the source of your ant control problem and go on the offensive right away.

Step 2: Treatment

Using the latest technology, industry-leading products, and more than 50 years of ant control experience, we’ll eliminate any existing ant problems you have indoors and outdoors.

Step 3: Prevention

Eliminating ants is priority one in our ant control program; making sure they don’t come back is just as important. We’ll help identify any conditions conducive to ant development and incorporate preventive treatments that will help keep your home ant-free year round. We’ll also provide tips on how to protect against future infestations.

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If you have any problems in your Alexandria home, let the ant control professionals at Better come and take care of it! We service all of Northern Virginia including Leesburg, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, and Loudoun County. Don’t let an ant infestation ruin your ability to relax in your own home! Schedule an appointment or get a free quote on all of our ant control services by contacting our team today!
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