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Manassas is a city with a rich history, and part of its heritage is centered around the brewing industry. From museums with Civil War artifacts to its modern aquatic and fitness centers, the city is a great place for residents to live comfortably. Unfortunately, it is also home to many problematic pests. Both home and business owners need to be aware of pests and know what to do about them.

Residential Pest Control In Manassas

Spiders, ants, roaches and other crawling pests can destroy a family’s peace of mind quickly. Some spiders such as black widows also have poisonous bites that can make adults, children and pets very ill. Ants and roaches carry bacteria, get into food supplies and end up costing homeowners a considerable amount of money in ruined food. These pests are small enough to enter homes through gaps under doors, cracks in windowsills and small openings in foundations. Sealing up the home well will help minimize risks. However, they can still live in colonies under a home. Only a professional pest control company can eliminate the pest problem and prevent future occurrences. A professional also identifies areas of concern and changes that must be made.

Commercial Pest Control In Manassas

Businesses have several different types of pests to worry about that can wreak havoc quickly. A bee can sting a customer, trigger an allergic reaction and lead to a lawsuit for medical bills. Termites can enter the building and destroy wood beams, textiles and stored paper files. This could mean losing years of old records that cannot be retrieved, and a damaged structure can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Termites often go undetected until it is too late. They enter businesses through dirt tubes along the ground or under the foundation. Piles of shed wings, gnawed wood and hollow sounds behind solid walls are signs of an infestation. Professionals can remove them immediately and set up a preventative treatment plan to prevent further problems.

Why Choose Better Termite For Pest Control In Manassas?

Better Termite has been providing termite, pest and rodent control in the area since 1968. Our professionals know how to handle any infestation with effective methods. Never try DIY removal methods found on the Internet for termites or other pests. This often leads to pets or family members getting chemical injuries or simply moves the pest infestation to a harder-to-reach location. We can identify pest infestations, remove them promptly and set up a preventative treatment plan for any home or business. For a free quote on removal or prevention services, contact us today.