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At Better Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in serving residential and commercial customers in Great Falls, northern Virginia, Maryland and the Potomac Region. Since 1968, our experts have been keeping properties free from rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other common pests. Our services are customized for each client.

Residential Pest Control in Great Falls

Our pest control technicians have the tools and resources needed to eliminate any type of infestation, quickly, discreetly and professionally. If you have rodents or roaches in your home, we will assess the interior and exterior to locate entry points and make changes in areas that are conducive to feeding and breeding. We have multiple methods for baiting, trapping and removing common pests while respecting your property and health concerns.
Mosquitoes also require specialized pest control strategies. Health officials in Virginia and neighboring states are concerned about mosquitoes that transmit serious blood-borne diseases. West Nile virus and several types of encephalitis are increasingly common. Even if they aren’t carrying diseases, mosquitoes are annoying. If you’ve been swarmed by mosquitoes while spending time outside, we can control the threat with our three-fold treatment plan. We eliminate standing water and breeding sites wherever possible. Then, we apply larvicides that prevent future generations from maturing. Next, we mist landscaped areas to kill adult mosquitoes. Together, these steps can protect your property from bloodsucking pests.

Commercial Pest Control in Great Falls

If you’re a business owner, you know that your reputation is everything. An unmanaged or undetected pest population can hurt your business instantly. Luckily, our commercial pest control services can help you prevent and manage any type of infestation.
Cockroaches and rodents are usually found in areas where food or water is present. These nasty pests transmit a variety of serious toxins that are carried on their feet or in their feces. Salmonella, E. coli and hantavirus are just a few of the pathogens that pests transmit, especially when they contaminate pantry items or food preparation areas.
If you’ve seen signs of an infestation or if you simply want to take a proactive approach, we can locate and protect entry points and apply code-compliant bait stations. Pests multiply rapidly, which is why we offer fast, responsive services to all business owners in Great Falls and northern Virginia.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

If pests are present in or around your home or commercial property, let us assess the situation. We provide specialized treatments, all-in-one services and programs that will keep your property pest free all year. To request a complimentary quote for our services, call our Alexandria office at 703-822-5582.