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Better Termite & Pest Control has strived to eliminate termites, bed bugs and ants from homes and businesses in Fairfax Station and the surrounding areas since 1968. We use the most reliable, environmentally responsible pest control solutions to target unwanted insects without harming people and pets. Our family-owned, knowledgeable team is committed to excellent customer service and building a long-term relationship with the great people throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Residential Pest Control in Fairfax Station

Do-it-yourself treatments don’t always work as expected when fighting invasive pests like termites and ants. In fact, many of the over-the-counter treatments only target the adults, not the eggs or larvae. Therefore, the infestation rears its ugly head again in a few days and restarts the cycle. If you have termites, bed bugs or ants in your home, it’s important to call a professional right away. Homeowners who treat the problem themselves find out the hard way that it takes more than a store-bought insecticide or a DIY concoction to remove pests from their homes.
For termite control, we work with local builders and provide effective pretreatment services to stop an infestation before it happens. For homes that show signs of termites, such as soil-like tubes near windows or the foundation, our team can identify entryways, remove the nests and put an end to the invasive colony.

Commercial Pest Control in Fairfax Station

We understand what it means to run a neat, orderly business. Unwanted pests like mice and ants drive away customers and make it much harder to run a successful business and increase your profits. Ants and mice invade offices, restaurants and other establishments throughout the year in search of food and shelter. Mice also carry diseases and introduce other pests into your business, such as fleas and ticks.
Our team understands how to look for common entry points and reduce food and water sources. We can create a program to eradicate a current infestation and prevent pest invasions down the road. Our certified specialists can also help you and your employees learn best practices when dealing with waste management and food storage.

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Don’t live with the burden of termites, ants and bed bugs. Contact Better Termite & Pest Control for a free quote. We offer free written estimates and treatment plans and use environmentally friendly products to minimize harm to you, your family and your business.