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Situated just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital Beltway, Dunn Loring, VA, has a temperate climate that tends to keep temperatures relatively comfortable, plenty of green spaces and gently flowing streams, and enough humidity to keep everything dewy in the summers. It is a delightful place for people to live. Unfortunately, many types of pests also find the area ideal for their needs, including ants.

Why Pests Are a Problem

The Northern Virginia area is prone to pest problems because so many creatures find the area suitable. Ants, rodents, termites, cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, ticks, beetles, flies and stink bugs all call this region home. Temperatures tend to be fairly mild, moisture is readily available and the presence of humans is no real deterrent. In fact, it can actually be a draw for many types of pests because human homes can provide them with ready sources of food, water and shelter. However, while many pests are happy to live with humans, few people are willing to share their homes with these unwelcome intruders. Their lack of hospitality is hardly surprising; pests like ants can cause real problems for the people unlucky enough to find themselves dealing with an infestation.

The Trouble With Ants

Ants do not devour materials like wood, leather or fabrics, but they are happy to infest structures and damage lawns by constructing unsightly mounds. Worse, they enjoy chowing down on many human foods, and their efforts to acquire it can contaminate the food, leaving it unfit for human consumption. Some ants will also bite or sting humans.

Ant Problems in Dunn Loring, VA

In Northern Virginia, odorous house ants are a common problem. A species of ant with a bit of a sweet tooth, an odorous house ant living outdoors eats honeydew, a sugary liquid made by small insects. However, odorous house ants also thrive on sweet foods that humans enjoy like melon, fruits and pastries, so the risk of food contamination is very real whenever these opportunistic ants move in. They gain entry into homes through exposed soil and cracks in a structure’s building envelope. Once inside, they build nests in the walls, behind paneling, under floors or carpets, or near heaters or water pipes. Why are they called odorous? Their name is inspired by the fact that these insects give off a strong smell of rotten coconut when crushed. While they do not tend to bite, their unwavering persistence and large populations make these ants a serious problem for homeowners. Homeowners often realize that they have an odorous house ant problem when they spot the numerous worker ants traveling through their homes, but it’s not a problem that they should try to tackle alone. Professional assistance is your best bet for eliminating an ant infestation.
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