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Ant Q&A | Virginia Ant Control Experts

Ant Q&A | Virginia Ant Control Experts

How long does an ant live?

The lifespan of an ant will depend on several factors, from the species of the ant to its caste and living conditions. On average, a worker will live from a few weeks to a few months, while queens will be able to live up to several years.

When are ants most active?

Ants are most active in late spring and throughout the summer, because that’s when they have access to the most food source. As the weather becomes colder, the ants will try to find shelter, and this can drive them into our homes.

What are winged ants?

Winged ants are the reproductive caste of the colony – they are future kings and queens. If you see them flying around, odds are that there is an ant colony nearby.

How can I identify an ant queen?

An established ant queen can be pretty hard to spot, because it will be deep inside a colony, but you may spot future queens whenever you see flying ants buzzing around. These ants are known as swarmers, and they are reproductive members of a colony looking to start a new nest.

How many ant species are in the US?

There are around 800 ant species in the US, but only a handful of them will enter the home, and only a fraction of that handful can cause real trouble. The species that you have to really keep an eye out for are the fire ants, the carpenter ants, the pharaoh ants, and the odorous house ants.

What is the largest ant species in home infestations?

The largest ant species that will ever invade is the carpenter ant. The carpenter ant is bad news. This ant species will build its colonies inside wood, where it can cause a lot of damage. Luckily, because these ants are so big (about ½ inch) they are easy to spot whenever they are out in the open foraging for food.

How are ants controlled?

Against most species, you can simply use repellents to keep the ants out of the kitchen, and that would be enough to get rid of any inconvenience these insects cause. However, if you are dealing with one of the pest species mentioned above, you will need the help of a pro, who will locate the nest and then destroy it. Contact us today for information on how ants are controlled or set up an appointment to remove any ants that you may have in your home.