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5 Common Pests You May Encounter

5 Common Pests You May Encounter

When renting an house, you probably are less likely to think about all of the issues you may run into because you have a landlord. While landlords help take the pressure off of issues that a traditional homeowner may have, they still may not cover everything. Pest control is something that is sometimes not agreed upon under a lease. Here are five pests that you are most likely to see at least once when renting an house.

  1. Flies
  • Flies are arguably one of the most annoying pests on the list. They are relentless and seem to always be around when you are looking for peace and quiet. Flies can be taken care of with at-home remedies, store-bought products or pest control.
  1. Ants
  • Ants can take over your space fast. It is important to stop a colony before they infest and this can be done with store-bought products or even better, pest control. Our experts at Better Termite and Pest Control know how to stop ants at their source and make sure they make no return.
  1. Cockroaches
  • While flies may be the most annoying pests on the list, cockroaches are the most hated. No one likes seeing a cockroach in their home and when it becomes a pattern, it’s a problem. Make sure to call if you see more than one cockroach in your apartment so we can help squash the problem.
  1. Rodents
  • Rodents are most active at dusk and like to come out when any human activity dwindles for the night. Rodents can cause interior damage to your apartment or home so it is vital to take care of the problem when recognized. The best solution to a rodent problem would be to call a pest control expert to help diminish the problem.
  1. Bed Bugs
  • Bed bugs are the least likely pest to see in your apartment. Along with this, 39% of apartment owners say that bed bugs are the pest they would least like to see because of their sneaky behavior and because they are extremely hard to get rid of. It is important to look for signs of bed bugs and call if you have a problem so it will not get worse.

From homes to apartments, Better Termite and Pest Control is here to help you when in need. Make sure all waste is properly disposed inside your apartment and that all cracks and crevices on the outside are properly sealed. Taking these precautions will help minimize the chances of you seeing these common pests in your apartment. If you see any of these pests or more, make sure to give us a call!

What is the worse pest you’ve seen in your apartment or home?