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Animals become real nuisances when they decide they like your property as much as you do. Allowing them to take over can put your home and even your health at risk.
Keep reading to learn about the damage some of the worst offenders can do.


Squirrels are adept at finding entry points to attics and chimneys. Once inside, they make a terrific racket and a big mess. Even worse, they chew incessantly to control the growth of their teeth.


These tiny insects are about the size of a sunflower seed and are oftentimes difficult to see. However, they can have quite an impact. Like mosquitoes, they transmit diseases. The most common one is Lyme disease, which can cause neurological disorders as well as rashes and joint swelling. Other common diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis. Headaches and a fever can result from all three of these ailments. To help prevent infestations, make sure your grass is kept short, and keep brush and weeds from the sides of your house. They can also make their way inside by hitching rides on people and animals, so regularly check them and yourself for ticks.
Just about anything they can sink their teeth into, including woodwork, ductwork and piping, is fair game. Hammocks and patio furniture cushions are great sources of nesting materials. Their fondness for electrical wiring can result in a fire, and squirrels do extensive damage under the hoods of cars.
Squirrels don’t typically carry serious diseases, but they may have parasites that introduce ticks, fleas and other agents of disease. Their droppings could expose you to salmonella and other health risks.
Removing squirrels and preventing their return is a job for professionals.


These critters are now so used to humans that city raccoons far outnumber forest raccoons. They like our food, our houses and our swimming pools.
You’ll know that you have a problem when you see tipped over trash cans or split bags of pet food. If you have an expensive ornamental pond outside, you’d better count your fish.
Raccoons are surprisingly strong creatures. Mothers seeking shelter for their babies have no trouble tearing through roofs to nest in attics. You can kiss your insulation goodbye.
Also, a mother might react aggressively if you unwittingly come between her and her offspring. If she doesn’t bite you, she’ll at least hiss and snarl until you back off.
Avoid serious property damage and health risks such as rabies. Call the experts when you first see evidence of raccoon activity.


Roosting birds make a huge mess. If you’ve ever had pigeons hanging around in your attic or on your windowsills, you know that cleaning up their droppings and feathers is a full-time job. The excrement is corrosive to stone or metal, and the feathers and nesting materials are teeming with mites and fleas.
Not only that, but pigeon droppings are nitrogen-rich. Nitrogen encourages fungal growth, and inhaling the spores could put you at risk for certain lung diseases.
House sparrows invade properties and leave a wide path of destruction. They destroy gardens and fruit trees. They scatter garbage. They are highly aggressive and will take over other nests and bird feeders until more pleasant species are driven away or killed off. In short, they’re bullies.
Bird problems are best left to professionals who know a lot about bird behavior.

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Our prompt, courteous technicians specialize in wildlife exclusion and removal. They are experts at preventing animal invasion. For problems that are already out of hand, they are extensively trained in trapping and humane relocation. When their work on your property is done, animals aren’t likely to return.

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