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Register Your Termite Warranty

What is it? When your home was built, your builder hired us to help prevent termites. You’re currently covered for a year from your new home settlement where if you suspect you have termites, we’ll come out and treat you at no additional cost to you. You’ll also have the option to renew your warranty at the end of your year of coverage.

Why does it exist? Termites can damage your home’s structure and removing a serious termite infestation can cost upwards of 1000-2000 dollars. Our preventative treatment works just like how you brush your teeth to prevent the hassle, annoyance and cost of getting cavities.

What to expect? You should receive an email and call confirming your warranty from one of our team members where we can answer any questions you have about your warranty and keeping your home free from other pests. You’ll also receive a welcome packet from us in the mail.

“Register Your Builder’s Termite Program”


Termites are insects that live in the ground. However, they form colonies in wood, such as the wood used to build your home. In the process of building these colonies, they can cause problems with the structure of your home, leading to expensive repairs and safety issues. You can learn more about termites here

Roughly one in five homes in high risk areas will deal with termites. In fact, termites are estimated to cause 5 billion dollars to homes in the USA annually and are common in the DC metro area. The safest and best approach to termite management is a proactive approach that prevents them from ever infesting your home and potentially doing damage.
The costs of removing termites in the case of a serious infestation is much more challenging. Without professional help, it can be easy to miss the warning signs of termites and so infestations can be left unchecked over several years. This can potentially lead to thousands of dollars of repairs and serious treatment. It can cost 1000-2000 dollars to remove termites in the case of a serious infestation. Therefore, a preventative approach can avoid more serious treatment approaches and damage.
After your warranty expires, renewal options that cost less than 150 dollars per year exist to substantially reduce the risk of termite problems. This can help keep your home safe and save thousands of dollars on repair and treatment.
The warranty that you just activated lasts for one year from your settlement date. After that period is over, you’ll be notified that your warranty is about to expire and have an option to extend your warranty and home protection.
Your home builder paid for your current year of coverage. Renewing your termite warranty can cost between only 100-150 dollars per year based on the size of your home.
If you find termites, you can give us a call at 703-683-2000 to schedule time for a technician to come out to inspect the situation and suggest a course of action at no additional cost to you.
Here are a few strategies you can use to prevent termite damage:
  1. Apply and renew professional preventative treatment with periodic inspections to your home.
  2. Avoid storing wood near the foundation of your home.
  3. Keep mulch to a minimum around your house.
  4. Contact Better Termite & Pest Control if you suspect termites are present.