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Tips for Keeping Annoying Pests at Bay These Holidays

Tips for Keeping Annoying Pests at Bay These Holidays

It’s the holiday season. While many Americans plan to visit family and decorate their homes, many are unaware that these yearly rituals frequently increase the danger of inviting pests into your house. 10% of Americans have discovered pests in their holiday decorations; this post discusses some tips to keep pests away.

Whether you’re in Virginia and need the services of Pest Control Alexandria or wrestling with animal control, the challenge is: How do you address the pests that could have slipped in your homes as a result of the holiday, either hidden in presents, Christmas trees, or brought by guests. It is essential to find the proper pest control for the holidays to eradicate some pests that found a way to your home due to the festivities.



The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is warning households to be on the lookout for pests that could secretly interfere with their holiday preparations because of this.

85% of Americans claim they don’t inspect their firewood before bringing it indoors, which can result in pests like termites, ants, and spiders entering the home, according to a recent survey of 2,069 U.S. people aged 18 and over, conducted online for the NPMA and commissioned by The Harris Poll.

Additionally, 84% of Americans claim they don’t dispose of freshly-cut trees far from home entrances, which can attract rodents.

For many common household pests, winter is all about survival, according to Michael Bentley, Ph.D., an entomologist for the NPMA. Numerous pests will be on the move as people start to make their Christmas travel plans because they need to find indoor shelter from the cold. Once inside, these pests can pose serious risks to one’s health and property.


To make your holiday decorations more pest-proof:

Check the foliage and natural accents for signs of pests, such as nests and eggs. Check the wood before bringing it in, and store it on a raised structure at least 20 feet from the house. Greenery should be disposed of far from the house.

According to Bentley, travelers should be on the watch for telltale indicators of bed bugs because the holidays sometimes bring about some of the busiest travel days of the year. “A bed bug doesn’t need much to attach itself to your travel accessories. Fortunately, people can dramatically lower their likelihood of unpleasant bed bug encounters by following a few easy tips. To avoid having bed bugs disrupt your vacation:

Before unpacking, thoroughly check the space, paying particular attention to the area behind the headboard, behind lights, and within chests, drawers, sofas, and chairs. Check the mattress seams and box springs, especially around the corners, for pepper-like stains, patches, or exfoliated bed bug skins by pulling back the covers. Do not put luggage on upholstered furniture. Instead, keep baggage in the center of a tile floor or on a luggage rack when it has been checked.

Visit Pest Control Alexandria  for additional pest prevention advice, and call a licensed professional to examine and treat the situation if bugs cause problems in your home.


How To Prevent Pests During the Holidays


Planning your pest control a week before you leave your house is always a good idea. It might not be best to do it the day before you depart.


Clear the counters.


The main source of pests in your home is food, which also serves as an open invitation. Make careful to clear any food off your counters before you leave. Here are some suggestions for avoiding pests:


● Do your dishes, then store them safely in your cabinet or another secure location in your kitchen.

● Regularly clean all the difficult-to-reach areas.


● Purchase containers for all the food you own, including pet food, and ensure to remove all the trash.

● Fill in all gaps. The two main entry points for bugs into your home are cracks and holes. Locate all the cracks and holes in your home by giving it a thorough inspection, then try to repair them. Re-caulking your walls and other areas with holes or cracks is a good place to start. Your windows typically have microscopic gaps where little pests can sneak in; seal them. Make sure door sweeps are placed on all of your doors. Pests might enter your property through the narrow space around your doors.

● Eliminate Clutter: Occasionally, certain areas of our home become cluttered. Consider your storage space, attic, garage, and more. We don’t change them till they turn into a huge mound of trash. Make sure to clean up every area of your home. You don’t want bugs to be able to hide in a crowded space easily, do you?

● The Dripping Faucets: Cockroaches and other pests are drawn to moist areas. If your faucets leak, you can personally lure these pests into your house. It would be best to fix all the faucets before you go because the water will ruin your floor and cabinets.

● Recognize The Experts: Even if you successfully take all these precautions, get assistance from a pest control company. Our year-round services cover all forms of pest management. When collaborating with Pest Control Alexandria, you can always count on the highest caliber. Everyone must take preventative action against pests. During the holidays, you can always rely on yourself to ensure that the pests are kept away. But you may always get assistance from Alexandria, Virginia, pest control companies like Better Mite. We hope you had a safe trip and arrived home to find everything exactly as you left it.


The summer season need not mark the end of vacations. Sometimes the drizzle in the chilly late fall gets too much, and all we can think about is flying away somewhere else. However, there is one thing from which we cannot run away: bugs. Not simply the ones who are noisy and smelly are being discussed. We are referring to all the little creatures that disrupt our vacations. So think twice before packing your bags and opening your door to bugs. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent pests during the holidays. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time or the ability to do it yourself; Better Termite has you covered with a home protection plan.