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The Mosquito Control Process

The mosquito control process can be broken up in two components – larval control and adult control. Larval control refers to the methods used to destroy mosquito larvae and the capacity of a mosquito population to reproduce, while adult control refers to the removal of the adult mosquitoes found in an area.

Larval control

Larval control is meant to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing, and it is the approach used by pest control professionals when trying to tackle an infestation. Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in standing water, and the larvae that hatch from these eggs will remain in the water and feed on the detritus found within it.

When you hire a pest control pro, he will focus on larval control for the most part. Basically, with larval control, the pro will remove all bodies of standing water on the property, and if the source of the infestation is located in a larger body of water, such as a lake, then the pro will treat the water with larvicides. Larval control is the best option when you want to completely remove a mosquito infestation.

Adult control

Adult control is usually implemented with sprays, traps, and repellents. The goal of this approach is to keep certain areas of the property mosquito free. For example, when you spray for mosquitoes in the home, or when you place a mosquito electric trap on the porch, you are implementing adult control. Adult control methods are never going to be able to kill more mosquitoes than the number of mosquitoes born each day, but they are a good temporary relief until larval control is implemented. Adult control is also very limited in scope, usually only protecting a small area, or they will only offer protection for a limited period of time.

Working with a pro

As mentioned previously, a pro will implement larval control methods to completely destroy a mosquito infestation. Professional intervention is essential when the mosquito breeding grounds are located in a large body of water nearby that needs to be treated with larvicides. A pro can also inspect your property and locate areas and objects that are at risk for hosting mosquito spawning pools and then advise you on what you need to change in order to lower this risk. Contact us today if you would like to know more about the various control methods used against mosquitoes or if you have a mosquito infestation on your property that has to be removed.