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The House Mouse Inspection Process

The House Mouse Inspection Process

Nearly all control procedures start with the inspection process – an essential step whenever a pro tries to remove a pest infestation. But what does this process consist of and what can you expect from it? Let’s find out.

When is an inspection necessary

An inspection is usually necessary for all pest infestations. If for example you have termites in your home, an inspection will help determine the species responsible for the infestation, and the best way to treat it. Similarly, when it comes to rodents, the inspection process will locate the nests, whether rats or mice are behind the infestation and the size of the infestation. All of these factors will come into play when creating a control strategy. Inspection can also be used to determine if there are any other pests in the home, and it can be scheduled to be performed on a yearly basis, to ensure that any infestation is caught and removed early on, before it gets to do too much damage..

What happens after an inspection

Once the inspection is complete, the pro will tell you what he’s found, and what the findings imply for the control process. In some situations, you will be able to choose between different control methods, each with their pros and cons, and in others, the path forward is clear and only one method is really adequate.

When it comes to mice, after the inspection is complete, the pro will either move forward with traps or poisons. It’s important to be certain that you are dealing with mice and rats, because these two species require different approaches. If mice are detected, then traps will be used for small infestations and poisons will be used if the infestation is large.

Make sure that you discuss some details with any pest control company that you contact, details such as if they offer clean up services, or if they offer to implement preventive measures against future infestations. These two services are particularly important because they will help you get rid of a lot of headaches after the control process is complete. For example, a pro could find all the dead mice after a poison procedure, or the pro may mouse-proof your home for you ensuring that infestations are much rarer going forward. If you have any questions about the inspection process, or if you think that you have an infestation in the home and require the help of a pro, contact us today and we’ll help you out.