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General Information About Mosquitoes | Mosquito Control Experts

General Information About Mosquitoes | Mosquito Control Experts

Mosquitoes are a flying pest that feeds on blood. Everybody has had to deal with one at some point in their lives, but you may still have some questions about this insect and its behavior. In this article, we’re going to cover some general information about the mosquito.

How mosquitoes find their victims

Only female mosquitoes are after blood – males just eat flower nectar. The females need the blood to make eggs and raise the larvae, and in order to find good sources of blood, the females will be on the lookout for two things – body heat and CO2. All living organisms exhale CO2 and mammals are warm blooded, so by sensing the presence of these indicators in the environment, the mosquito is drawn to its victim.

How mosquitoes spread

Mosquitoes need standing water for their eggs, larvae and pupae. A female will lay over 100 eggs at once, which will hatch after a few days. The larvae will then feed on the organic detritus in the standing water for about a week, until they turn into a pupae. While in this stage they will go through a process of metamorphosis for a few days, before becoming mosquito adults.

The diseases carried by mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can transmit dozens of diseases including yellow fever, malaria, dengue and encephalitis. However, most of the dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are currently eradicated in the US, and the only time that they pop up is when they are brought into the country by someone who was infested abroad. The risk remains though that the diseases will be picked up from a foreign traveler and enter an endemic stage in the country.

How mosquito infestations are removed

There are some temporary control methods that can be implemented DIY, such as using repellents, electric mosquito traps and sprays to kill adult mosquitoes. However, to stop an infestation in its tracks, you have to take it out at the source – the body of water that serves as a spawning pool. For this you will likely need the help of a pro, who will detect these bodies of water and either remove them or treat them with specific chemicals meant to kill mosquito larvae.

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