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For more than four decades, Better Termite and Pest Control has led the market as an environmentally friendly provider of residential and commercial pest control solutions. Our company offers a full range of pest control services to eliminate existing pest problems while using preventative measures to keep them from coming back. We focus on serving northern Virginia and some areas of Maryland.


Property owners can experience problems with mosquitoes both in the yard and indoors. Outdoor mosquito infestations can make guests feel uncomfortable during barbecues and important gatherings. Though rare, indoor mosquito problems that are ignored can destroy the property value of abandoned or vacant buildings. No matter where mosquito infestations occur, all of these insects can carry potentially deadly diseases ranging from West Nile virus to malaria. Furthermore, properties located near low-lying areas or swamps can experience extreme amounts of mosquitoes that can affect daily life. Our company can quickly eradicate existing mosquito infestations while immunizing properties to prevent these problematic pests from coming back.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are common in the northern Virginia area, but they have not always been found in North America. Following a laboratory accident in 1998, these invaders began taking over homes and backyards for the first time. Since then, the Northeast has been plagued by stink bug problems that have impacted everything from agriculture to lawn care. The stink bug population is still rising exponentially, so these problems will only get worse in the years ahead. Our company can use a variety of methods to fully eradicate stink bug populations, and prevent them from coming back.


Termites are a property owner’s worst nightmare. These insects dig deep into a structure’s woodwork, foundation, and roof. Termites can cause even more expensive damage when they work their way into furniture, cabinetry, and doors. Unfortunately, property owners rarely discover wood-eating termite infestations before they cause severe structural damage. Termite nests are often hidden deep behind walls, and these problems are, therefore, generally worse than they appear on the surface. If any amount of termites are discovered, property owners should get in contact with our company as quickly as possible to prevent further property damage. We can use safe and affordable methods to clear away termite infestations to the last root.

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Property owners looking for a permanent solution to mosquito, stink bug, or termite infestations can use our services to put an end to these problems. We can also deal with a wide variety of other types of infestations that are common in today’s world. Get in contact with Better Termite and Pest Control today to learn how we can help ensure that your pest problems are eliminated forever.