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South Riding Pest Control provides quality pest elimination services for business owners and residential customers in Maryland and the northern parts of Virginia. Our commitment to quality service and exceptional results is an integral part of our routine. Our company is a family operation, which means that we strive to bring a sense of personal connection to all of our valuable customers.

Mosquitoes, Rodents and Stink Bugs

Mosquitoes are seasonal insects, and they tend to appear during the warm and humid summer months. They can carry diseases, and they are especially harmful to people who have a compromised immune system. This can include the elderly, the young and individuals who suffer from chronic diseases. The bites are painful, and they can cause itching and even swelling. Eliminating mosquitoes from an area is very difficult because they tend to swarm, and most people are not aware of the typical places where they build nests and lay eggs. Our professional team of pest control experts can provide these services rapidly and effectively.
Rodents can infiltrate the home any time of the year. During the hot months, they may enter the building through small cracks and crevices, and they usually appear when they are hungry or thirsty. Uncovered trash can attract rodents who are looking for something to eat. During the cold winter months, they may also seek refuge from freezing temperatures, and they often set up their nests in basements, in attics and within hollow walls. They can erode the interior of the home or office without anyone becoming aware that an infestation is occurring. Contact our professionals if you suspect a rodent infestation.
Stink bugs are difficult to eliminate without causing a secondary problem, for these strange bugs leave a repugnant odor in the air after they die. Their bodies have a shape that resembles a shield, and they are slightly larger than one half of an inch. They attack vegetable gardens, and they tend to enter residential homes in the autumn in order to hibernate during the long winter months. They can be difficult to detect, and it is hard to locate them even after the odor becomes intolerable. Contact our service providers if you suspect an invasion of stink bugs.

Pest Control in Maryland, Northern Virginia

We provide a variety of valuable services, which may include pre-treatments, inspections, estimates and comprehensive treatment protocols. Our experienced providers can answer questions about our methods, procedures and pricing options. We strive to minimize the overall impact on the affected areas while maintaining an aggressive approach towards eliminating these pests. Our clients know that a friendly and professional team of pest control providers is available any time of the year. Contact us today.