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Better Termite & Pest Control provides premium pest control and removal services to residents and business in Northern Virginia and various parts of Maryland. Our business is a family owned and operated enterprise, so we are committed to providing you with the kind of services that you will be proud to recommend to your neighbors and relatives.

Oakton Professional Pest Control

We can provide you with premium services including pest identification, elimination and maintenance. By the time you notice an infestation, the pest has probably build a home inside of the walls, attic or baseboards. To completely eliminate the problem, the nests will have to be located and eliminated, but this is almost impossible to do without the proper tools and training.

Termites, Rodents and Roaches

These pests all have distinct mating and foraging habits, so it is important to correctly identify the critter. Many customers may report observing a rodent, for example, yet they are often unable to determine if this is a rat or a mouse. In addition, there are multiple routes of entry for these critters, and they are often invisible to the untrained eye. Rats and mice like to enter the home through small cracks on the exterior of the building, and they often use innocuous entry points like storm drains as well.
Termites are difficult to detect in the dark. They are also easily mistaken for a variety of other insects, which may share one or two similar traits. These pests are often known for their tendency to eat into wood, but they use this substance for building nests even though a popular myth contends that they eat wood. They can do a lot of damage to the building through this activity, which may depreciate the value of the property. Contact our professional termite control experts for prompt elimination.
Roaches are prolific breeders, so it is extremely important to eliminate them right away. If they are allowed to continue their residency, they can easily overwhelm the home or office. They leave eggs full of hundreds of small roaches, and these can be difficult to detect and eliminate. They can also hide their carcasses in small areas that are hard to see, and the stench can become intolerable. Our services include comprehensive client education, so you can learn the various methods to avoid pest problems in the future.

Premium Pest Control in Oakton

Clients who are experiencing an infestation often turn to trusted individuals in their community for help. Our service professionals receive continuous education on the best procedures to use during the elimination process. Our rodent professionals specialize in detecting common entry points, and they have a variety of tools for dealing with each unique situation. If your home or office is compromised by an infestation of pests, contact Better Termite and Pest Control for a free quote.