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The cool winters in Northern Virginia allow many insects that inhabit the region to survive and return in larger numbers as the temperatures rebound. The goal of our integrated pest management system is to reduce your exposure to these pests and eliminate the threats that they pose to your family.

Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bug can be found throughout the Old Dominion. These insects invade your home during colder months looking for a warm place to over-winter. Their pheromones also attract other bugs. They develop during the warmer months before molting into adults in late summer. When agitated or crushed, they secrete a foul-smelling odor that can linger on carpets and inside a vacuum cleaner. Stink bug pest treatments must be carefully timed to keep these noxious bugs from coming indoors and eradicate those already infesting your property.


There are 15 different species of ticks found in Virginia. Although more prevalent in the warmer months, ticks are active in our area year-round. A bite from these pests can transmit potentially life-threatening illnesses, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Protecting your family and pets from these pests requires a comprehensive approach to reduce the tick population on your property. This includes restricting access by wild animals that typically carry the parasites.


Found throughout the world, roaches are common household pests that live in dark, moist locations like those near drains and behind or underneath large appliances. In addition to a pungent smell, roaches can spread disease and contaminate food. They reproduce quickly and can survive for weeks without food or water. If you see a roach inside your home, your property is likely harboring a hidden infestation. These resilient pests enter your home through small openings and live in locations that are difficult to reach. It is challenging to deal with the problem without professional assistance. A comprehensive eradication program can eliminate the infestation and prevent a reoccurrence.


The wide number of self-contained ponds and the amount of natural bodies of water in Northern Virginia provide the ideal habitats for mosquitoes. These pests interfere with barbecues and other outdoor leisure activities making it impossible to enjoy your backyard, pool or deck. In addition to swelling and hives, a mosquito bite can transmit diseases, including malaria and West Nile Virus. Effective mosquito control often requires a multifaceted approach that includes prevention as well as the eradication of larvae and adults.

Why Hire a Professional

It is important that each pest species be properly identified so that a targeted pest control plan can be implemented. Many over-the-counter, broad-spectrum products do not contain the correct pesticides in sufficient quantities. Do-it-yourself techniques also require storing potentially harmful chemicals in your home. Our knowledgeable technicians are trained to identify the pest causing the infestation and develop an effective treatment that will deliver the best results. To protect the health and safety of your family and pets, contact our office today for more information or a no-obligation quote on pest control services in Montclair, VA.