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Leesburg has a rich history, named after the ancestors of Robert E. Lee and a refuge for critical federal documents during the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Today, it’s better known as a commuter city with plenty of patriotic celebrations and the birthplace of several famous historians and athletes.

Better Termite and Pest Control is proud to serve a town with this rich history and culture. Leesburg has plenty of residents and commercial businesses that require protection from pests all year round, so Better Termite keeps up to date with pest control best practices and top-tier equipment.

For over fifty years, Better Termite and Pest Control has remained the premier Leesburg pest control business for the following reasons
  • We are a family-owned and operated business and bring a personal touch to all our clients, building close-knit relationships to last for years
  • We use environmentally-friendly equipment and products to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our health and safety measures
  • Our comprehensive termite control and all-in-one programs help cover all aspects of Leesburg pest control
  • We have flexible scheduling and don’t use third-party call centers to interact with our customers
  • We work with the top builders in the Virginia-Maryland region to provide treatment programs


Termites can have quite a negative impact on the structure of homes, damage that is often not noticed until a significant amount of it has already been done. They can also squeeze through openings that are as small as 1/32 of an inch. Be on the lookout for branches that touch the side of your home as termites often travel from those branches to the outside of the house and then in through one of those tiny entryways. Also see if any of the paint on your wooden surfaces has cracked. Note that they tend to prefer being in basements and garages due to the higher levels of moisture and the ease of access to wood that exists there, so regularly check those areas.

If you are having issues with any of these pests or the many other ones that exist in Aldie, contact Better Termite & Pest Control, and we’ll ensure that you are protected from them. Our family-owned business has been protecting homes throughout the area since 1968.