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Ant Control In Fairfax

North America is home to almost a thousand different kinds of ants. Unfortunately, many of these species are invasive and cause problems for humans. Better Termite and Pest Control has been successfully exterminating ants and other pests since 1968.
Ant infestations are detrimental in ways that are as diverse as the species themselves. These ants do not actually digest wood, but they still damage wooden structures as they carve out their nesting areas. These nests are called galleries, and they can damage and weaken much of a home’s wooden framework. Fire ants are also a serious problem, especially the aggressive red imported fire ant. This species is extremely aggressive and will swarm on any perceived threat. Their bites leave itchy welts on the skin. Fire ants are attracted to electrical devices and cause power failures by stinging wires.

Carpenter Ant Conrol

Carpenter ants are often difficult to detect due to their concealment in the wood of walls and floors. The most common sign of a carpenter ant infestation is the sawdust-like waste that they leave behind. Wood that sounds hollow is also evidence of a colony. Other ant species construct more visible homes. As they excavate their colonies, species like the red imported fire ant leave dirt mounds around the entrance holes. Anthills near a home may indicate an active colony that requires extermination.

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Whether they are boring through the wood of a home or simply stinging its inhabitants, ants are a nuisance. If you are dealing with an ant infestation, contact Better Termite and Pest Control for a free quote. We can exterminate these pests before the problem gets worse.